The Hewitt Family has four children with high medical needs; you may have heard of TEAM HANNAH in Livermore for a teen girl fighting Cystic Fibrosis, or HEWITT’S HEAVENLY HELPERS: BAKING FOR A CAUSE

Hannah was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 18 months old; she was placed in foster care until she was 4-years-old when she was adopted by the Hewitt family. At the age of 15, she was hospitalized seven times with each stay ranging from 7-10 days. Each month, Hannah has to visit a specialist to evaluate her condition – she will soon need a lung transplant. Hannah’s oldest sister, Nicole, takes time off work to stay with Hannah during her hospital stays so she’s not alone while mom, Beth, cares for her younger brother at home, and dad works.

Beth can’t work due to having two medically fragile children, and it gets costly for the family to live on one income, especially with all of the trips back and forth to hospital visits, doctors appointments, ect. They have a gofundme account where you can donate if you feel inclined to. Another way to support TEAM HANNAH is to wear purple and tag #teamhannah when you post the photo.

Andrew is a loving 7-year-old boy. He doesn’t fit into a “syndrome” but is constituted as sustaining “mid-line” damage. In short, that anatomy that is within the center of the body (brain, eyes-blind, hearing-profoundly impaired, trachea, heart, kidneys, liver, spine, testicles and genitalia) endured some type of anomaly during the pregnancy. Medical experts declared that Andrew could not medically survive beyond infancy. Due to the severity of Andrew’s low tone muscular structure, neurological condition and other medical matters he will require the lifelong use of a wheelchair, feeding tubes, tracheostomy, breathing treatments and heart monitors. Andrew also requires multiple therapy sessions each week.

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